Chronic Pain Out West  and the 48 hour Pueblo Film Festival

Chronic Pain Out West and the 48 hour Pueblo Film Festival

Life moves quickly, since our last post we’ve moved through many projects, most importantly we completed The Magic Box and showed it twice in the last several months.

Several other projects have moved along as well including our video work.

The latest was our first entry in the Pueblo 48 hour film festival., Since it’s the most recent work we’ve done, it felt right to start the blog back up here.

We made the Video last weekend.  We started as a collaboration with a friend from work, but he had to step out due to illness so we changed it to a Foxy-Wolff project.  My kids agreed to star, I figured out a drag costume, Gabe drew me a beard and we went to work. Thanks Big to Aidan Jarrett and Emma Jarrett, and Kathy Key for the use of the farm and ATV, we had a blast with the project.

The video is almost completely made on iPhones, including music and editing, though Gabe did have to put it in the MacBook to Merge the two.

Look for more posts coming soon about the work we’ve done this year.





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