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Foxy-Wolff is an art collaborative featuring Kate Fox and Gabe Wolff. Beginning in 2011 the two artists sought to combine each of their long careers in art to create a new body of work that could transcend the work that each had done individually. Kate brings two decades of focus and intention from the field of ceramic. Gabe brings at least as many years of focus on drawing, painting and digital art, particularly video.

The project began primarily around ceramic body jewelry and pendants but has now grown to include a wide variety of projects including installation, video, fine art ceramic, jewelry, studio ceramics and web design.

The heart of the project is to unite one of the oldest mediums, ceramic, with digital technology to explore the contemporary human condition through the lenses of philosophy, history, art and culture.

To find out more please visit our web page at www.foxywolff.com

Our You Tube Channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCor8dP1FkdrYAp6xkC9l5rw

Our Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/FoxyWolff?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Our Face Book Page www.facebook.com/foxywolffjewelry/

And our Instagram www.instagram.com/foxy_wolff/

Email Kate @ foxywolff1@gmail.com

Email Gabe @ gabewolff@gmail.com


In addition to our digital empire you can find us in the studio most days, located at 26826 Highway 50 East in Pueblo Colorado.  Feel free to call before you come out (719) 821-9105

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